Google Glass UI “How It Works”

Google Glass UI “How It Works”

Google Glass UI “How It Works”

Google just gave us a glimpse of what the UI for the much awaited Google Glass headset would look like. It is not the first time that the Google has teased the wearable device beginning with its announcement last year, Google has previewed videos showing the real world applications of what the device is capable of doing.

Wearable devices or devices that typically reside on the wearers’ body are poised to herald a new phase in the ultra portable computing sphere. We already have had a taste in the form of fitness devices like the Nike+ Fuel Band or the FitBit range.

But the Google Glass marks a first in the phase of a device targeted for mass consumption similar to what Android did for the smart phones. In the brief video the UI seems to be typically focussed on the top right hand side of the field of vision with the navigation being mostly being driven by voice commands. The Glass is capable of performing  the usual tasks of taking pictures, recording videos or replying to text messages along with participating in Hangouts. But what makes it different is the context of having a first person view of things for all the activities.

The interface bears resemblance to Google Now and marks a cohesive design uniformity in Google products across devices. With its launch stated for 2014, Google Glass is currently still a work in progress though the geek in all of us designers can’t help marvel at the potential of the idea.

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  • Rajat

    But how the UI of Google Glass works?

    • Gurpreet Bedi

      It seems to be a voice driven interface for now. Though it is quite plausible it might support gestures making excellent use of the camera. 

      • Rajat

        That is visible on the video. The interface, the top right corner display, voice navigation are all there on video. But how the UI works?
        You article is titled How it works.. and there is no information about How it works..Is the Glass a glass material or transparent AMOLED display?People who use spectacles can use this glass?The voice recognition is activated be a keyword or some button?How the glass is connected to internet? Via SIM? if SIM is it on frame itself or some other device in pocket which is connected via bluetooth?

        • Gurpreet Bedi

          There is a backpack a this point which is doing the computing. The speculation is that it would powered by your Android phone. People who have prescription glasses cannot use it at this point. They would release another version for that and Google is working with Warby Parker for a better prototype. 

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