Get Google Drive for Work with unlimited storage space for just $10 a month

Unlimited storage with Google Drive for Work

Unlimited storage with Google Drive for Work

Most of you might have heard about the recent announcement by Microsoft that it would double OneDrive’s free storage space for consumers to 15GB from its previous allowance of 7GB. Microsoft also said that it would hand subscribers of Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal – the two consumer-grade rent-not-own plans – 1TB  per user. This announcement when made, gave Microsoft a strong edge over Google Drive for Work.

For the non-geeks Google Drive for Work is a cloud based storage service linked to Google Apps for Business-  the search giant’s cloud based application suite. For $5 per user per month, or $50 annually, 30GB of storage was provided to each user. An additional $5 per user per month was charged for Google Apps Vault add on that can be used for archiving, document preservation and e-discovery. In spite of the $5 asking price Vault did not add more storage, companies had to pay $9.99 per month per user for an extra 1TB.

This Wednesday, at the I/O conference, Google announced that customers will get still get Vault for $9.99, but threw in unlimited storage as a bonus.

Here’s the math – as you already know at $10 a month per user customers will get Vault, Apps for Business and unlimited storage. For companies that were using this service, will halve their monthly bills while getting a boost in the storage space!!! For customers not using vault, but paying for the extra 1TB of storage space, this would mean a monthly saving of 33%. That’s not all – it will accept files upto 5TB in size, have enhanced administration controls and a set of APIs that will help administrators keep track of the work employees are doing. What a bargain I must say!!!

There is a long list of other tweaks that are available and are new, for instance the “suggested edits” feature that will provide more sophisticated redlining features for collaboration.

With this change Google is sure to sling-shot past Microsoft in the enterprise productivity battle. This service from Google has been available globally since Wednesday.

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