Google design minutes – the video series

Google design minutes - the video series

Google design minutes – the video series

Design isn’t just a one time thing but rather an ongoing process that’s learned over time!

Google has always been known for a subtle taste in design. Though if you noticed, their interest is growing stronger than ever with weighted emphasis on making their products as visually pleasing as functional. Rumor has it that google might be updating their Android launcher icon style to match their web properties soon enough. Apparently referred internally as ‘Moonshine’, this update would make the style ‘flat-er’ with long shadows in prominence, more on the lines of Google’s existing visual asset guidelines. And like their true open policy, Google is launching a series of YouTube videos where the lead designers of Google products talk about the challenges involved.

When Google launched, it was a crisp white page with a simple search box. You might not have thought there was much in the way of design, but its appearance underscored two of our most important principles: simplicity and usefulness. ~ Nadya Direkova, Staff Designer and Design Evangelist

The laser is pointing at Google Search (Jon Wiley), Glass (Isabelle Olsson) and Maps (Sian Townsend & Jonah Jones) to begin with. I personally suggest you not to see these three videos all at once and spread them over your day or week. Each video demands of you is just about 2 minutes of your highly paid time (for the uninitiated, that was sarcasm talking).

This series is expected to continue over the next few months. They have even set up a moderator page for people to ask related questions. The top ones will be shared on the page, of course. Look forward to seeing your questions, shall we?

Jon Wiley discusses the importance of bringing out the beauty in things as simple as speed.


Isabelle Olson talks about the focus her team put into making Glass simple, and how simplicity guided all the decisions they made.


Sian Townsend looks at the importance of understanding how a user approaches your product, while Jonah Jones talks about adapting the approach to make the map the user interface.

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