Google analytics update Realtime

Google analytics update Realtime

Google analytics update Realtime

The web is getting faster, and not just the speed of the pages, but also the speed of change. 

Google Analytics’ update explanation page rightly opens with the statement above, which we think is a very powerful statement.

Packed with a redesigned interface, easier data exploration and significant new features, Google Analytics has updated itself for the present. One of the new features which instantly catches your attention is the realtime reporting of statistics.

What do we expect from realtime reporting?

Realtime reporting should make for a huge change in the way we have been checking our analytics.

Social media impacts, with realtime reporting, will allow us to measure each and every tweet, or facebook status update or put out a blog post’s impact and what difference does it bring to website’ traffic. Additionally, this can be used to create mini-campaigns and report their impacts.

Another insightful feature is Flow Visualization.

Flow Visualization

Flow Visualization

What is Flow Visualization?

Flow Visualization, within Google Analytics, offers us easier and better ways to visualize insights on how visitors navigate through our website. It basically provides a graphical representation of visitors, mapping their journey through the site.

With a better interface (or so we hope), easier and realtime reporting, Google Analytics appears to have offered more power to Social Media!

For everyone, who does not have access to the updated Google Analytics, you may sign up here: Realtime Analytics.

How would this change your Social Media strategies? Will this help you in driving more traffic to your website?

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