Meet the Godfathers of Pixel Art – eBoy

eBoy creation - India in 8bits

eBoy creation – India in 8bits

We have written about innovations in technology, unique advertising campaigns by biggies like coca cola, we even launched this unique wallpaper for football fans. I was browsing the web for innovations in technology/design, for our readers and that is when I came across this pixel art group based in Berlin and Canada. What I read, blew my mind and I decided their story had to be told. Meet eBoy.

Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital – often hailed by many as the Godfathers of Pixel, are the artists trio of eBoy. That is saying these three co-founded and are the sole members of eBoy. It’s kind of a virtual office with Smital working out of Wedding, Berlin whereas Kai and Steffen work from Vancouver, Canada.

When they started the company in 1997, the Godfathers had the guts to work only for the screen, when everyone was asking the question – “how can you print it?”. Their premise was that why have it in print when you can have it on you computer screen. All their creations were distributed on diskettes only on a viral basis. But as soon they got connected to the internet, it became crystal clear that all their work was perfect for this playground. With that realization, they focused on the internet as their main medium of distribution.


eBoy's worlds are Pixel Perfect!

eBoy’s worlds are Pixel Perfect!

Undisputed sovereigns of pixel art, the trio came together in Berlin in the mid 90s and have spent the last 2 decades honing their craft, one pixel at a time. Everything they create is governed by the same 8-bit style, a medium whose aesthetic arose from the video game culture prevalent in those times. The result is the creation of a sophisticated, complex and fun looking 3D world.

Just have a look at one of their creations and you will see rampaging robots climbing buildings, monsters in battle, topless women dangling from street poles or zombies storming into shopping complexes. Their work makes intense use of popular culture and commercial icons, and all of it is presented in a 3D isometric illustration. Their art is widely influenced by pop culture, shopping, magazines,  supermarkets, TV, LEGO, toys news, games – pretty much everything that’s a part of our lives. This is probably another reason for their wide spread popularity.


Complex and Sophisticated eBoy World - Traffic

Complex and Sophisticated eBoy World – Traffic


Complex and Sophisticated eBoy World - Yahoo

Complex and Sophisticated eBoy World – Yahoo

Their shiny style has impressed so many and it is no wonder that they have quickly earned worldwide recognition, catching the eye of big companies like MTV, Xbox, Honda, Coca-Cola.

For the artists trio what they do is more meditation than work. It is obvious that for them this is an indulgence. And even though they have been doing this for the past two decades, their creations still have the same energy as they had before. I am waiting with bated breath to what they bring forth next. What about you?

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