What's in your glass?

What's in your glass?

What's in your glass?

Is the glass half full or half empty?

There is no black-and-white situation. It's all part of life. Highs, lows, middles.

Van Morrison

We have heard this oh-so-often! If a certain situation is in favor or against..? Or how do we react to a certain something, positively or not? Does it really matter?

Its time to look at what the glass is filled with though. What's in your glass? How much of it really is only the next step.

The exercise

A simple exercise you have to imagine for yourself: Pick a glass of water and throw in pinch-ful of dirt in it day after day. Also add few drops of clean water everyday along with the dirt. What do you suppose will be in the glass in ten days from then?

Go ahead. Imagine. My guess is you will have a glass full of muck! What do u think? Now suppose what I guessed was right, how does it matter, you may ask? Good question buddy! Now bounce back into your imagination, take this glass of muck and hold it under a tap of fresh clean water. Hold it there for good 15-20 minutes. What do you get? Start to notice the mud gets flushed out slowly as the fresh water starts to occupy space in the glass. In 20 minutes you’ll have a glass free of any muck, just clean good water. Nice, clear and transparent!

Why did we do all of this?

Lets take this a step further now. Assume this glass as your mind. All the dirt is the bad stuff you encounter everyday and the drops of clean water are the good things you absorb on a day to day basis. The “bad” things are negative remarks, bad news you hear/read, fights and arguments that you have, negative thoughts, worries and so on. The good things are words of encouragement you hear, new skills you learn, happy times you spend etc. life is full of these and they come simultaneously. Eventually we land up with muck in our head and that results in us not performing to our capability. The glass of life that should have been filled with clean and fresh drinking water becomes a muddy mess instead.

The holding under the tap water really is an exercise of reading an educative book, listening to an inspiring speech or doing anything that creates positive energy in you! Such activities fill your mind up with positive thoughts, wash away the dirt that is slowing you down.  Alcohol is known to be a popular flushing agent too but sadly it acts more like a screen saver than a disk clean up software really!

An excellent way to do this is also to attend trainings and seminars that expose oneself to newer aspects of life.

Here’s another way I once chose to describe this idea while talking to a bunch of university kids…

I got upset real bad … started some 5 new things to keep my mind off it….kept at them in full steam, dint spare a minute for thoughts to emerge…. some 100 days later …2 off the 5 new things I had started had faded away from my schedule ……… n yet, I was a lot less upset and I had developed 3 new skills!

Remember, it takes longer to clean up than it takes to dirty something. Plan accordingly and execute regularly.

I wish you a clean mind and lots of energy!

Oh by the way, is the glass…. nevermind! Should you have any reactions, suggestions or questions, I'd love to communicate via the comments section below.


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A young, ambitious, first generation Indian engineer-turned-entrepreneur. Keen on maintaining high values, ethics and constant learning about life and its meaning to oneself. A believer that happiness comes above all. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @abimaks

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