Formula one comes to India – 01

Formula one comes to India @ Buddh International Circuit

Formula one comes to India @ Buddh International Circuit

 This is quite a coming of age for F1 in india. After star sports started airing it in the early nineties, the sport has come a long way in india.

I remember the times when people were clueless about what Formula One meant. Questions like, what happens if a driver goes on the grass, were a common place.

Racing was a rich man’s thing back in the day. Not that it isn’t that way now in terms of wanting to participate in it, but the overall connect to the sport has surely made a way into the hearts of millions in this country. The number of cars launching a SPORTS version in the market is a tribute to this fact.
India has its pulse racing and this is the perfect time for an Indian Grand Prix. 60 years after F1 started as a predominantly european thing in 1951, it is set to thrill audiences in India who have only had cheap access to closest tracks in singapore and malaysia to quench their thirst for speed.

My first expression of the BIC (Buddh International Circuit) when I was there a few months ago, was a mixed one. It was emotional to see a world class track in a country, where go-karting tracks have all but disappeared, making life harder for anyone wanting to try his/her hand at open wheel racing. Presence of F1 in the country should help this cause, I’m left hoping. It made me feel proud to see the tri-colour paint scheme on the building that houses the pits n the paddock. A feeling I fail to describe in words.

Its a little over a week now to the race and one can see the preparation for it. The road leading to the circuit, a fantastic 6 lane expressway is lined up with signs pointing to the track. If you are on this road close to the race weekend, stay alert for the typical sound of a formula one car. It should be audible from quite a distance here, I reckon, given the open land mass around the track.

In further articles, I shall try and capture the pre-race activities and all the fun that people have doing all of it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’m gonna enjoy writing it. Also, it will be interesting to see and discuss your thoughts on F1 coming to India. Let’s share the excitement!

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About the Author:

F1 India is an insider's view to the 1st Formula One event in India at Buddh International Circuit (2011). For quick updates on F1, follow us on Twitter: @F1India2011

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