First Impression of iOS 7 on iPad

iOS7 on iPad

iOS7 on iPad

We have written about mutation in the iOS 7 design language from the earlier versions and although the software isn’t final yet, we had the chance to try it out on first day of the release. The iOS 7 for iPad, undoubtedly feels unfinished; even from the early look of how the icons has been designed. The change felt refreshing and one can only dream of what developers could and would do with apps on iOS 7,  we won’t be talking about the various bugs I encountered in just the first 24 hours because it’s a matter of time and its still only a beta-version seeded to iPad. Instead, I would mention our thoughts on the iOS, which is enriched with all possible sorts of colour gradients and palettes.

Boot logo

Even the boot logo on iPad has undergone a massive change. The logo doesn’t possess any more shine and curved lining which iOS users used to come across almost everyday when they rebooted their device. The Apple logo is now completely flat, which reflects the design approach Apple has picked up in the latest iteration of their mobile operating system. We think it’s an amazing thing to do since you get the attention of what others could expect next, when iOS 7 has completely installed on the device and you get the final product. Also, unlike iOS 6 or previous softwares, the Apple logo is a tad bigger which seems perfect for a 9 inch screen. Now the iPad doesn’t feel like a clone of an iPhone which many people assumed it to be in 2010, when it was launched  (just after its introduction). And if you look a tad bit closely, the progress bar would feel immensely flat  and feels like it mimics the logo. Overall, we think this would get some brownie points for the Apple.


The lockscreen is spectacular. If you are a long term iOS user, this is what you have been asking since the iOS came into existence. Even the borders that surpass the lock screen have been removed. It’s not target specific anymore. You could swipe from left to right from anywhere on the screen, and in an instant, both clock and the icon shift towards right and there you are, unlocking your device. On the negative side, we didn’t like the arrow facing upwards just below the text – “slide to unlock” since it confuses the end user. Most are confused  if that would unlock the iPad or not. We think it’s a wrong UX implementation on Apple’s part and you would be accidentally tapping on it often, if the onboarding isn’t done right.

iOS 7 lock screen

iOS 7 lock screen


Once you have managed to unlock the device, you would be amazed to see how the icons are presented in front of you. That is some exceptional implementation! We think many would be probably doing this more than once, simply to see those icons gathering at one place and ready to be tapped. It looks very playful and is an amazing animation. On the first day of our use, we didn’t find anyone who wouldn’t unlock the device twice to checkout that animation. The next thing you would notice are the icons which have got very bright colours in some places. If you are not a fan of bright and extremely dark colours, we are skeptical you would want to update your device on iOS 7 (well, unless Apple improves them in upcoming betas).

If you think Apple’s obsessions with animations would have ended by now, probability is then you are wrong. When you tap on any app, the animation would begin from the (original) place and grows on to eventually capture the whole screen. Yes, this is how you enter into an app; moreover the same goes for the vice-versa when you want to do the reverse… when you close an app or press a home button, the interface goes away slowly and sums up where the icon has been placed on the home screen.

Needless to say, when it comes to animations, Apple would easily let you make fall in love with iOS 7.

Stock apps

Open the Messages app, try to communicate with anyone on iMessage and you will see animations even in the way how messages are being sent. Once you tap on send button, a bubble would pop up from behind the translucent keyboard which have got Black and White colours depending on the interface of the app. And all the incoming bubbles have got dark blue colour and outgoing bubbles as white colour (to help differentiate) which makes you wonder about the colour choices of Apple. In other places, it’s either too dark or it’s too light. If you want to encounter with mild colours or shades, chances are that you would have a hard time looking out for them.

Then we jumped onto Safari and instantly fall in love with the minimalistic and clean interface which we have always wanted in the iOS. The whitish interface is so simple that we couldn’t hold ourselves back from opening up few beautiful sites such as Sparklin.com on our iPad. :D

And all those blue button totally stands away from the crowd, but we think they could be designed a lot better than what they are right now and then there is the ‘Parallax Effect’ – when you move y axis to -y axis the wallpaper tilts a little on the left to give you a 3d effect which makes one feels that the wallpaper is coming to live. And lastly, Apple has used gyroscope to great effect to achieve a 3d effect on most of the background.The rest we want you to experience on your own.

Let us know your thoughts on the experience you have.

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