FIFA World Cup 2014 matches schedule as a Wallpaper

FIFA World Cup 2014 matches schedule as a wallpaper

FIFA World Cup 2014 matches schedule as a wallpaper

This is a little late in the making.. but we wanted it to be perfect. And we had one of our very talented intern spending sleepless nights working on this. An ardent football fan, who was also a senior correspondent at a well known entrepreneurial magazine, joined Sparklin to follow his passion for design.  He actually jumped at the idea when we were discussing creative ideas for designing a FIFA World Cup 2014 schedule wallpaper.

We are not revealing the name of this above said intern at his request, because he is scared about all the popularity he might gain because of this wallpaper. He claims to not want to steal the limelight away from FIFA. Just the moment where we must include a wink!

Anyway, here is the result.. A detailed, honest to God awesome wallpaper listing out the schedule of all matches of FIFA World Cup 2014 – for both iOS (for iPhone and iPad!) and Android (Nexus) till the Super16 stage. The real talking points of this wallpaper are

  1. Flat design that follows iOS7 design style.
  2. Usable as iOS lock screen – easiest approach to check the day’s matches
  3. Tastefully designed to work with perspective zoom in iOS
iOS locked screen with FIFA match schedule

iOS locked screen with FIFA match schedule

Android Nexus locked screen with FIFA match schedule

Android Nexus locked screen with FIFA match schedule

Instructions: As we were limited by real estate of iPhones and Android phones, we have divided the initial 48 Group Matches in 3 different screens for easier viewing. Do not forget to reassign the respective Wallpaper (or Locked Screen) as the matches proceed.

P.S. Each wallpaper is available in two version i.e. GMT & IST. Choose accordingly.

Download and have it all in the palm of your hand, or in your pocket or wherever you keep your smart phones. We are always open to your suggestions on how to make this wallpaper better. Let us know in the comments section below.

Download respective wallpapers!

FIFA iPhone Wallpapers ZIP

FIFA Android Nexus Wallpapers ZIP

FIFA iPad Wallpapers ZIP

FIFA iPad Retina Wallpapers ZIP

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  • arzvi

    so good. Love it. Its in my ipad and android phone

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