Our favorites from Webby

Our favorites from Webby

Our favorites from Webby

Webby are undoubtedly called the “Oscars of the web”. The annual awards celebrates the best of the internet, ranging from podcasts to websites. Each category gets two winners one decided by the Academy organizing the awards and the other by public voting.


For the uninitiated the Awards are grouped into five major verticals:

1. Mobile & Apps

2. Social

3. Online Film & Video

4. Interactive Advertising & Media

5. Websites


With a number of subcategories further along, the sheer number of nominees could overwhelm anybody even after taking into account those who have been nominated for multiple positions. The candidates range from mainstream favorites to ones which many of us haven’t given much thought to.

We bring you our five personal favorites from “Mobile & Apps”. A category which sees the maximum action and disruption according to us.


1. NPR Music for iPad

Category: Tablet and all other Devices / Entertainment

For the love of Music. NPR Music is the go-to destination for those willing to go a little deeper into their favorite sound. The iPad app makes discovering articles, experimenting with music and streaming content a breeze.

2. Al Jazeera English Magazine

Category: Tablet and all other Devices / News

Al Jazeera is known for its quality reporting and the magazine for iPad just takes it a notch higher. The immersive experience with a focus on large visuals and readability of long form text matched with multimedia content in the form of audio/video makes it a true delight.

3. Annes Amsterdam

Category: Handheld Devices / Education & Reference

An interesting app build around the story of the war classic “The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank” to get a conversation going between Amsterdammers and the visitors to the city to give a clear picture of its wartime history. Beautifully done.

4. Paper Baron

Category: All Devices / Best Visual Design

Paper Baron is the one of the most visually appealing game build for the iPhone. The game dynamics are simple, fly a paperplane around. But the visual elements add a unique character and positive emotions for the player.

5. The Verge’s Vergecast

Category: All Devices / Podcasts

Hands down our favorite podcast for our weekly dose of tech news. We have been fans since “This is My Next” days and Joshua Topolsky and the crew never fail to keep each episode interesting. Rock n Roll.


What about you?

We would love to know your personal favorites from the Webby.

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