Expressive Hat to Rescue – Sangli Li

Expressive Hat to Rescue - Sangli Li

Expressive Hat to Rescue – Sangli Li

Do you often get troubled by the bright light or non stop useless talks of someone unwanted? Well, we all do at some point. Expressive Wearables, by Sangli li, at California’s Art Centre College of Design uses clothing as a medium to avoid such hindrances and show your dismay towards such troubles. His new design of an innovative hat with fans is just what a lady is looking for.

Bright light, loud noise or anyone coming way to closer than you want; this hat is for you! The hat is embellished with small fans inspired from the 17th century hand-held fans by ladies that folds and unfolds when one faces any such problems.

Sangli Li

Sangli Li

I wonder what fun will it be when some girl is blabbering non-stop and the fan on my hat unfolds automatically. She’ll be stunned! And I’ll be spared of her never ending gossip. I am feeling relaxed with this new design by Sangli. This hat is a way to not be rude, yet flaunt your attitude towards the rubbish some people might say; and the bright light that makes us blind at times.

The prototype that uses sensors to detect light, noise, and motion, emerged during an Intel-sponsored class on wearable technology, is here to stay. This hat can now be your bodyguard anywhere. So, be stylish and say a goodbye to vague troubles!


expressive WEARABLES from Sangli on Vimeo.

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