Exercise and get a free Metro ticket

Exercise and get a free Metro ticket

Exercise and get a free Metro ticket

Rejoice people!! The age where you can travel for free in the subway isn’t far! All you have to do is work up a sweat.

To promote the Winter Olympics that was held at Sochi late last year (2013) and to urge people to lead a healthier lifestyle, Moscow Metro had set up a ticket vending machine (operational till Dec 03, 2013) that takes 30 squats as payment – for one free metro ticket. If you think that’s an easy task, here are a few things that are easier than performing 30 squats in 2 minutes (I didn’t mention that before, did I?)

  1. Meeting your Girlfriend’s parents
  2. Surviving in Westeros with the Lannisters on your a**
  3. Completing Dark Souls without getting killed even once
  4. Saving the Princess in Mario
  5. Getting a Honey Singh Song outta your head

If you didn’t get the point even now, this is only for the slowpokes – 30 Squats in 2 minutes is very hard!

This might be the first thing that has come out of that cold hard place that’s not completely crazy. Before you all accuse me of being racist watch how the Russians open their beer bottles with chainsaws! This video will convince you that the ticket-for-squats machine is a brilliant invention from Mother Russia. What happens if you perform just 29 squats or less you ask? Get 50% of the fare knocked off? That’s adorable! Mother Russia doesn’t reward you for failures. You have to crawl/roll over to the ticket booth (if you have any strength left) and buy the ticket – with real money or lay there wheezing on the subway floor while people point at you and laugh (at least you brightened up someone’s day)

Ticket for squats machine is a brilliant invention!

Ticket for squats machine is a brilliant invention!

Hell, with the obesity rates around the world raising, these machines installed at subway stations might just be the encouragement we need to get off out b**ts and lead a healthier lifestyle. To be honest, this ticket-for-squats should be a new trend across the globe, because it’s a very cool idea. For no reason other than it’s heart-warming when people in those always busy and obnoxious subways, come together for a minute or two to watch others doing those squats for a free metro ticket.

Would you squat for a free ticket? Our comments section is hungry for your thoughts.

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