Event: Want to be a CEO this weekend?

Want to be a CEO this weekend?

Want to be a CEO this weekend?

L-pad in association with the Pune Open Coffee Club is launching Startup Garage in Pune, India, this April.

What is Startup Garage?

An intensive weekend program that aims to bring together highly focused and passionate aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country to validate their ideas, build teams and build products all in a weekend.

The program promises mix of developers, designers, marketers and startup enthusiasts and mentors working together to bring an idea into life.

So guys, Stop sketching and start building.

Who should attend?

1. Someone with an idea they would like to validate and work on Or

2. Someone without an idea, but is curiously passionate to do a startup.

When & Where?

This edition of Startup Garage would be held in Pune over the coming weekend (29th April-1st May)

How does this work?

Click here to read more.

More Questions?

Write to i [at] Lpad.in or Call Mohit @ +91-99233-99213

Click here to register for the Startup Garage.

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  • http://www.meraevents.com/Pune-Events events in pune

    lovely initiative !!!!

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