Durex is inviting public display of affection with #embracethepda

Durex is inviting public display of affection

Durex is inviting public display of affection

#EmbraceThePDA is what Durex is suggesting couples to do, featuring them on digital ‘Kiss Cam’ at Toronto’s Yonge Dundas Square.

Durex launched an #EmbraceThePDA campaign recently to invite couples to share photographs showing their affection publicly for a chance to be featured on ‘Kiss Cam’. This campaign will run until 15th Sep, promotes the new Durex Lovers Embrace Pleasure Gels.



We’re not asking them to do anything that they’re not already doing, which was the key insight into the development of the strategy. It’s easy, it’s fun, and the result is an amplified extension of what has become a day to day norm for them.

“We’re including fans as part of the advertising; giving them the chance to be part of a campaign that’s all about couples connecting and showing that off to all of Canada”, explained Yvonne Chan, brand manager at Durex.

Campaign is essentially driven by the main hastag, pulling photographs via Twitter and Instagram to Facebook App Gallery after approval. Chosen images are featured on a weekly rotation on the Kiss Cam. Each participant stands a chance to win one of the five $500 prepaid cards as well!

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