Diwali fact file: an infographic

Diwali fact file - an infographic

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • Pallavi

    Also on the third day of Diwali Jain’s visit their temple and mark the moksha of Lord Mahavir by donating ladoo’s in front of their deity.

    Very Beautifully depicted facts on diwali himanshu! :)
    Happy Diwali :D

  • Paritosh

    I didn’t know about how hindu calender worked. Great infographic!

  • nidhign

    I like the color scheme. Very vibrant and gives the festive look.

  • Jasdeep

    You forgot to put in why Sikhs celebrate Diwali, aka Bandi-chord divas among the Sikh community :)

    • Himanshu Khanna

      Thanks for pointing it Jasdeep, didn’t forget it. There are many more reason for celebrating Diwali other than the three mentioned in the infographic. I am aware of Guru Har Gobind Ji’s return to Amritsar after freeing Hindu kings imprisoned in Fort Gwalior by defeating Emperor Jahangir.

      Will try to add more info next time for sure :)

  • Jasdeep

    Nice infographic by the way, loved it!

  • Mohit Mittal

    for me its Deepawali…it gives me a feeling of both Diwali & Deepavali… :)

    I was not aware of y we do Govardhan Puja…next day to Deepawali… although we do it with all procedure at home :)

    & yes nice infographic… :)

  • Aditya


  • Pragyan

    Yeh hui naa baat. Looks real neat.

  • Santanu

    Love the colors. The aesthetic part is just.. well.. SPARKLING! Awesome work, buddy.

  • Ankit

    Awesome inforgraohic. Love the vibrant colors.

  • Vaibhav Kanwal

    This is awesome. Very detailed and simply rocking

  • sameer guglani

    super nice work. Loved the info graphic. In Banagalore / karnataka (my in-laws place) diwali is celebrated as per Mahabharata on day 2 and day 4 where as in north india we celebrate as per Ramayana which is day 3

  • Aarti

    Good one Himanshu… :) A bit of the south Indian’s belief for the 3rd is also Bali Padyami. During this time, Bali would come out of Pathala Loka and rule Bhuloka as per the boon given by Lord Vishnu.

  • Nandini Hirianniah

    Good representation of Deepavali, Himanshu! Very vibrant and festive infact.
    For me (born in Karnataka) Deepavali 3 days of festivities.
    Day 1 is Narakachaturdashi – when Krishna killed Narakasura.
    Day 2 is Amavasya, where there are no major festivities, but light diyas and place them in front of our main doors.
    Day 3 is Balipadyami, the return of King Bali to earth from paatala. (Ironically, people in Kerala celebrate the return of King Bali during Onam – sometime in August). In the villages this day is celebrated as Gopuje – where cows are decorated & worshiped.

  • Sid Karwal

    Looks fantastic, nice color scheme – vibrant & festivistic .. Excellent :D

  • Aanchal Manchanda

    nice..the info graphic is quite informative! :)

  • Rajat Gupta

    Great!! too much info in too little space.. didnt know the other two reasons before.. nice infographic :)

  • Sreetama

    <3 the graphics truly :)

  • Ira Mehra

    That’s a nice creative way to put through your ideas and thoughts. Looks balanced and neat in every way. This will surely call for much appreciation.

  • Anshul

    @SparklinGuy is really Sparkling with these informative and interesting concepts! I have subscribed to your website now…should have done earlier it seems!

  • Shantanu

    Great work Himanshu. Great choice of colors. My favorite bits: Buddha’s outline, Ravana’s outline, and the rain on Govardhana parvat. :)

    I think there’ll always be a debate on which day stands for what and what happens on what day because that’s a lot of religions you have to fit into this fact file. But as a summary thing, this works!

    The only bit which I didn’t like a lot(because its hard to be bitchy about this one.. :P) is the October-November fact. IMO It isn’t a fact, and not a really essential one either. That is all my most picky self could come up with..

    It’s awesome. #truestory

    (P.S.: You can try doing this in a wallpaper sort of a thingy, people may like that on their desktop)

  • Splurgerina

    Great visual..the hindu calender thing was really cool..I had no idea how it worked!!! Soo cool..we are in the year 2067 already!! Being in my 80s in the year 2067 doesn’t sound as cool for some reason!! ;)

  • Viti

    Love it! Add a few more facts and voila, you got something that can be published in a magazine or a newspaper. Succinct and useful information. Keep up the good work!

  • Ankur

    Dude this is kickass…really loved it…good research and brilliant graphics…

  • Himanshu Khanna

    Thanks a lot everyone.

    I love these comments. They are as informative as the infographic itself or may be more. Cheers!

    • Parth Raj Rana

      I like how you complimented everyone else AND the infographic in a seemingly modest comment :D This is pretty awesome though!

  • Hit Wicked

    Whoa! Very informative and looks fab!

  • gaurang aggarwal

    get your facts right , diwali isn’t the beginning of new year ( in HINDU calender :)

    • MuzikDruid

      actually there is no such thing as a single Hindu Calendar!
      It is a collection of many different calendars – Primary reason why you have different parts of India celebrating festivals at different times. Different calendars are based on different aspects of the sun and the moon

  • Zafar Rais

    Love how the information is put forward. Good stuff! Keen on seeing many more…

  • Sush

    Liked the graphics..and colour scheme too..
    regarding the facts, probably the most well known is the fact that the people of Ayodhya celebrated home coming of their fav. prince by lighting lamps..
    keep more of it coming…

  • MuzikDruid

    Fantastic effort Himanshu! Just one complaint/suggestion – always get more than one spellcheck tool /proof reader before publishing …. Calendar vs calender!

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