How could developers leverage the design opportunity in iOS 7?

Instagram reimagined for iOS 7

Instagram reimagined for iOS 7

It’s a known fact that Apple has massively changed the design language in iOS 7. After 5 years, they have come up with a design which feels entirely different from its predecessor. The change was assumed to be imminent after the departure of Scott Forstall and then Sr. Jony Ive taking care of the human interface design in addition to the hardware.

iOS Developers invest a huge amount of time in making their apps competitive in terms of design and functionality these days. We all know that functionality alone doesn’t sell at App Store. It needs to have a brilliant design to appeal to the users. Even though Steve Jobs once said – “Design is not how it looks like, Design is how it works”, when iOS 7 would go public, iOS developers around the world might need to redesign their iOS apps to mimic the new design language and new user interactions. This means that developers need to invest the same amount of time again to provide software updates, out of which they would be earning nothing at all. But it seems there’s a huge opportunity lying ahead of them to make their time worth and built a new revenue model. So that all their hard work don’t go in vain.

Yes, an iOS developer who has an application already in App Store could make use of this opportunity and come up with redesign of the same app for its users. However, there might be a probability that this revenue model wouldn’t work for all. The reason being, iOS applications which have had been successful in the past would ultimately be able to lure more customers, compare to others. But this way, developers could find more ways for their development to be supported in long term and solely depend their lives on it.  This revenue model could appear in the form of paid upgrades where the redesigned app would be sold either for the same price or for a price as low as 99 cents, depending on how developer perceives it.

Let’s face it – this is a golden opportunity for developers to make their efforts worth of the time they have invested in modifying everything again. But one question which would itch every iOS developer’s mind (including me) is, would users be willing to buy the same app again, merely due to a few changes in design?

I would do so. Do you echo similar thoughts?

Image: cultofmac.com

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