Festive giveaway via DeskAway

Festive giveaway by Deskaway

Festive giveaway by Deskaway

We bring to you a small token of our love, this festive season, in the form of a giveaway, via our fellows at DeskAway.


Launched in late 2007, DeskAway, is a web-based project collaboration software that provides teams a central location to easily organize, manage and track their projects & work.

What’s the giveaway?

A straight 15% discount to any new purchases and upgrades, made on any of the plans with DeskAway. Simply use the coupon code “PXNOMICS” and enjoy the giveaway discount, brought to you by Pixelonomics.

P.S. The code expires on Dec 31, 2011, so make sure you redeem it before that.

Pixelonomics is all about function over form. And we couldn’t have found a better way to give some love back to our readers this year. Hope you make the best of this giveaway and your future projects and collaborations become a breeze, thanks to DeskAway.

We’ll be glad to hear about the work you do, your ambitions and more.

Love to talk, don’t you?

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