Decorate your home by transforming daily use items!

Rats in your closet - The Rat Hanger

Rats in your closet – The Rat Hanger

In your childhood have you tried converting a Toothpaste tube into a rocket launcher? Or maybe used your mother’s heels as object holders?  Well, frankly childhood is the phase when you are most imaginative. Back then no one would have realized that these impossible creations could be used decorate your lovely homes. All you remember would be your mom saying, “Mera bacha Engineer banega!”

This typical act has now taken a new turn, my friend. It has moved over from childhood to adulthood creativity. From just a thing for fun it has given someone a hardcore job of turning everyday items into things that could be used to decorate your homes. Yeah, I sound insane.  But this guy just proves my insanity true!

Lion - Made out of just a hairbrush!

Lion – Made out of just a hairbrush!

The Three Musketeers? Zorro? Robin Hood? Its just a safety pin

The Three Musketeers? Zorro? Robin Hood? Its just a safety pin

Meet Gilbert Legrand, a French artist and sculptor, who has given this new meaning to the old found daily use items. If I quote it in the way I would have when I was a kid, “This man just made my hairbrush into a sexy looking Lion!” And it’s real talent this guy has shown through his work. Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of his creations.


Impressive aren’t they? Turning items like taps, hairbrushes, Scissors, etc into something so innovative has taken me into a phenomena of delusion!  I can’t take my eyes of his creations, dude. Born in the city of love, Paris, this innovator has given new meaning to creativity. Working currently as a freelancer in Toulouse, his career started 10 years ago.

So, if you are going to France anytime soon don’t forget to visit the art centers there which showcases his work. I feel a little butterfly flying around my mind today after watching his work, hope you find many around yours too!  Relive the imaginative childhood again and again.

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