Creative job notification – Pixel Jobs (beta)


Creative job notification - Pixel Jobs

Creative job notification – Pixel Jobs

We have been in the company of the awesome creative folks far too long and we heart all you folks out there. We understand that in a world dominated by binary logic and syntax errors the creative folks are sidelined.

About 8784 hours (one year) ago, on 29th Feb 2012, we began a small experiment via Facebook group simply titled “Pixel Jobs”. The idea was simple, to create a group where job providers looking for talent in any field ranging from music composition to professional gamers can find what they are looking for. In a community of creative folks, the job seekers could find the jobs catering to the creative industry and not be bogged down by run-of-the-mill openings for secretaries, marketers or programmers.

Pixel Jobs' facebook group was created on 29th Feb 2012

Pixel Jobs’ facebook group was created on 29th Feb 2012

And the result? In only a few months, we had an active and vibrant community of 1000+ folks running the group. In almost all the cases the talent hunters found the candidate they were looking for and the job seekers found a match. Unlike the conventional job hunting which target the ordinary folks, we noticed some unique markers of the creative folks.

Owing to the nature of the creative industry which relies a lot on freelancers and interns. The social recommendations were high. Folks in all cases referred a friend for positions ensuring a proper feedback loop. What surprised us that in some cases, folks like you let the world know the skill set you possessed and heard back from the job providers. Thus turning the table in the favour of the seekers.

Nothing could have validated our belief in the need more than all this. Which is why we have been working day and night for the past few months to build Pixel Jobs, a dedicated platform for creative job notification.

So if you are looking for an illustrator or a lyricist, hop on to the service to post jobs for the talent you are seeking. Or simply wander around to find the job or internship you are seeking as a creative individual. Sounds too good? Yes it is, and we are actively working during this beta launch of the product. Go to Pixel Jobs to have a quick look or hit the link to signup as an employer/company and join our tribe!

We are actively looking for feedback, your suggestions to improve the platform, reporting of bugs and more. Comment section below is open to the most critical of your feedback.

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • Rajat

    Nice initiative!!!! 

  • Pulkit

    Awesome product :)

  • Pulkit

    Feedbacks :-


    #1. I think the “post a job” box will look better in center than in left.

    #2. .stickie .top .headline > font-weight:600 (Give it a try without font-weight ?) Feels better to the eyes. I know it loses the visual weightage but still look’s a bit more open.

    More feedbacks in the pipeline :D

    • Gurpreet Bedi

      Thank you! Awaiting for more updates from your end to make it even better ;)

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