Cool features in the upcoming Apple iOS8

iOS8 - coming this fall

iOS8 – coming this fall

Apple has so far released 2 developer betas for Apple  iOS8 which will start rolling out late this year. While there are many articles that focus on the main changes and development in the new version, this will just be about the small interesting developments that will make your iPhone even more unique and even more secure. Most of this has been taken from forums and different articles, to make a list of those that sounds interesting. Here are some features that I found cool..

Send your last known location


Find your phone when you lose it

Find your phone when you lose it

With this feature in Apple iOS8, you won’t have to worry about finding your phone’s location. When the battery drains to a critical level, the iPhone or iPad sends the last known location to Apple which is stored in the iCloud for 24 hours. Apple can store and access the information for a longer period of time

Scanning Cards


Credit card scanner feature

Credit card scanner feature

While you can’t use it like a mobile wallet, it allows entering your credit card info while making online purchases easier. A built in functionality in the safari browser saves you the pain, by scanning the card for the numbers and entering them itself.

Hide photos/videos

Just hold a finger on the photo/video you want to keep away from prying eyes and an option will pop up to hide them. They are not completely hidden however, but are moved to a separate hidden album in the gallery app.

Semi professional photography

Yeah! The feature has finally found its way to the iPhone too!! Selecting this option allows you to manually adjust the exposure controls and set the self timer from 3 to 10 seconds. There is a time-lapse mode too which captures a series of images and then compiles them into a time-lapse video.

Battery usage by app


Battery usage by app

Battery usage by app

An Android phone user myself, I was surprised this option was not already present in the iOS. But anyway, a new option in the setting app of Apple iOS8 allows you to analyse your battery usage by app. So the app that used the most battery can be shut down.

More efficient SIRI

SIRI can now be activated through voice commands to go hands-free. It can also initiate search and download apps from the app store via voice commands. It also has faster voice recognition capabilities. This is exclusive to Apple iOS8

There are more features that make the Apple iOS8 more functional than it already is. Go to this page for the more comprehensive list. With these new features I think Apple is all geared up to fight back the growing Android market. What happens though, we will only know after this version is released later this year.

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