Combat rape with your own pair of Anti-Rape Jeans!

Combat rape with your own pair of Anti-rape Jeans

Combat rape with your own pair of Anti-rape Jeans

A girl Raped in the moving car brutally by three men.

A 30 year old woman was raped by her colleague in the parking lot.

A 16 year old was molested by her neighbor.

We are so habitual listening about rapes and molestation cases that now we have adapted it as one of the risks of being an Indian Woman. But who said they are? We? Well, yes. We have taken no charge to stop these terrifying and disgusting acts so far.

We, girls, can have enough pepper sprays, swizz knives and speed dials on our phones but what has to been done cannot be stopped until the police is alarmed.. forget the police – until the society is alarmed. The duo of young women – Diksha Pathak and Anjali Srivastav have taken a step forward. They have left hopes on men and law and started their own appeal towards fighting the acts of RAPE.

The two young students have created Anti-Rape Jeans. “Wow” you all will think “this quite fascinating” – but hello, being a girl I know this can be a good creation to rescue us when we face any kind of eve teasing, molestation or rape attempt.

Diksha Pathak & Anjali Srivastav - the duo behind Anti-rape Jeans

Diksha Pathak & Anjali Srivastav – the duo behind Anti-rape JeansThe Anti-Rape Jeans works on the principle of electronic signals. What makes this Jeans separate from the already existing Levis Jeans is that it has an electronic button that broadcasts signals to all the nearby police stations and they can trace your location down. I hope they take necessary actions too!

Well, such a creation can be helpful no doubt, I just sometimes doubt the efficiency of our Law system (Sometimes, OK!).  The Anti-Rape Jeans will be out for a testing next month and later it can be circulated all over the country, if a successful outcome appears to the concerned authorities. The cost? Well around 46 cents.

Currently, it is being synced with many police stations in Varansi and the duo hopes to give a tough hit to the petrifying act of rapes happening around so often. “These terrible gang rapes of women that we have heard so much about recently shocked me and my colleague to the very core” said Diksha to Central European News. The duo feels quite sure of their Anti-Rape Jeans can be a great help, I wish that too.

Whenever I am out late night with my friends, my father doesn’t sleep, my mother leaves a million messages to me asking if I am OK; I wish that one day..One day, India can be a little more care free. One day …!! With this new creation by Diksha and Anjali I am certain that the girls are now looking into the problem in a more serious and scientific manner creating awareness and also helping fellow girls to lead a safer life. #FightAgainstRape

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