Coke Bringing Happiness by breaking the Ice

Coke Bringing Happiness by breaking the Ice

Coke Bringing Happiness by breaking the Ice

If this superb idea by Coke had come four years back, my life would have been a little more hep. It wouldn’t have taken me three years to finally go and talk to my crush. Dare you think that Coke has started a new dating service! It has just taken an initiative to break the ice on the first day of college.

What did the brand do?

It kidnapped the college students and made them do push ups! Funny, nah!

They did something they are known for. They created a concept to break the icebergs between students on the first day of college. They made them talk, laugh and share happiness. Not to forget, they made them be friends.

What actually happened with these freshers?

They all died of thirst! Ok, this was fun. Anyway they set up a Coke Booth where many bottles were placed. Ya, imagine bottles were placed. Nothing massive right. Neither did I try to exaggerate. These bottles could only open when it got attached with  each other. Sharing Friendship.

No, it’s not a superficial thing. It is purely an interactive and innovative way to make the freshers break that ice and talk. Mingling would have never been fun, I guess for these kids if Coke hadn’t started this concept in their college on their first day.



I wonder now, when will such interaction take place in Indian colleges? Students will rejoice the efforts and build a great marketing strategy for the brand. Such a reciprocating concept by Coke just got a smile on my face. I hope you too enjoy watching it. Letting you remember your first day at college.

Sharing Friendship. Sharing Happiness. Sharing a Coke.

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