Nescafe invents the perfect ice-breaker!


Nescafe Pop-up coffee mugs

‘Can I get a mug of coffee?’ That’s all we  in our office on workdays. And then between sips of the coffee and endless chit chats, the office turns out to be more interesting than a Salman Khan movie to me.

So, all of you might be thinking – since this crazy female is talking about coffee and office, she is definitely going to write about the same. Well, Hell yeah! I am writing about two of my favorite things today, Coffee and Talking. What makes today’s article a little different than others is the fact that it’s not about design innovation but a superb advertising campaign done by a coffee brand.

Which brand you might ask? It’s Nescafe and No! Deepika Padukone isn’t dancing in it. The brand has taken the conversation over a cup of coffee to a new stream.

Nescafe has taken conversation over a cup of coffee to a new level

Nescafe has taken conversation over a cup of coffee to a new level

How did they achieve this? They created world’s most boring work (as per me at least) – reading newspaper into a funfilled conversation starter.


Folding coffee mug

How they manage to do that? They placed laughing gas inside the newspaper! No, I am just kidding. They planted two folding cups inside every newspaper and distributed the same to many. People who opened the paper experienced a new sense of belonging. They found a pair of folding cups which could actually hold coffee (and by coffee I mean in its liquid state). And so, the conversation over coffee and the boring task of reading newspaper became quite interesting.


Notice the lack of Deepika Padukone – It’s just Coffee and Conversations

If Nescafe would have started this campaign in India, our homes must have been filled with these folding cups. After all ‘Free ki cheez hume badi pasand hai.’ Jokes apart, this new campaign by the coffee brand has connected hearts and people in large. Newspapers have finally done some good to them. Finally apart from news, newspapers have spread joys too through this Pop-Up Cafe!

So, do watch the video and relish the coffee you are just about to sip!

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