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A technology to double your Smartphone’s battery life

battery life

Smartphone’s keep getting better in terms of speed and performance, but one thing that has continued to suffer is the battery life. Thanks to the ever increasing use of battery power, these devices, unlike their low end counter parts, will require a charge at least once a day. But now, a change may well be on the way as a new mobile device technology looks set to revolutionize battery charging on smart phones and tablets.


Barisieur – an alarm clock that serves you coffee!

Barisieur alarm clock

Alarm-clocks could easily be the most hated things on the planet! Painful as it may be to wake up to one, the Barisieur is here to dull that pain by waking you up with a fresh cup of coffee, so that’s the last thing you’ll ever need to worry about as you scramble groggily around your house for one.


Sense – The big daddy of all sleep tracking devices

Sense - the sophisticated Sleep Tracker from Hello

There are already a slew of devices and apps that track your sleeping habits. But all of them only tell you the length of time you have been sleeping for. Sense – a new sleep tracker from Hello, tracks not just your sleep, but your environment too! It works silently in the background, tracking everything from dust particles to loud noises, to let you concentrate on just your sleep.


Nuubo’s healthy clothing range

Nuubo's healthy clothing range

Now-a-days everywhere some kind of app is being developed. If not a full fledged app but an idea of designing and developing an app is foresighted. A Spain based company – Nuubo, has taken a new step in fashion and app development by creating some intelligent clothing range. This isn’t any clothing form but a new and more health cautious form of clothing.


Make your Mood Viral – Share and Express with Vent App

Post your vent with Vent app

‘Expression is the best way to react!’ – Someone said. So it’s time to express yourself loudly and in the open! Tell the world about your negative thoughts but still keep your identity intact. Time to express your anger on issues and frustration on work in a cooler way – By using the Vent app!


Facebook launches Save – the read-it-later style bookmarking feature

Facebook launches Save - the read-it-later style bookmarking feature

Over the years, Facebook has been trying really hard to become the ultimate news source. From multiple News Feeds to a standalone Paper app and trending topics, we have seen a whole lot of features being added to the social networking platform. Now, almost two years after they took over the ‘read-it-later’ startup Spool, Facebook is ready to show off their own version of it, called Save.

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