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Meet AROS – The worlds smartest Air Conditioner

AROS can be synced with your smart phone

AROS, the brainchild of Quirky and GE could be the the smartest air conditioner ever invented. It learns your from your budget, office location, your schedule and usage to maintain the temperature inside your home at just the perfect levels. AROS not only maximizes savings but could also be the most energy efficient AC ever made.


USBCondom- the safer way to charge your smartphone

USBCondom body

there’s good news for you security conscious (read : paranoid) folks.’s USBCondom allows you to safely charge your phone at any charging station by eliminating the chance of accidental data exchange or someone surreptitiously stealing away your data.


Hyperlapse – Instagram’s answer to capturing time lapse videos

Hyperlapse by Instagram

Instagram, has always been committed to its loyal community- always striving to provide simple yet powerful tools that lets users express their emotions and creativity. The new app Hyperlapse, recently announced by Instagram is no different. It lets users capture high quality time lapse videos even when in motion.


RCA graduate invents a Synthetic Leaf that might open doors for space colonization

Synthetic Leaf

We homo-sapiens have always been reinventing the wheel ever since Adam was a little boy. From self sustaining buildings to automated cars to android news tellers, step by step we are conquering the technological realm. Ever since the first moon landing, mankind has been dreaming to colonize space. This dream might just come true with this synthetic leaf, which is capable of absorbing water and carbon-dioxide to produce oxygen just like a real leaf.


Om/One – the gravity defying bluetooth speakers

Om/One - the gravity defying bluetooth speakers

Everyone already has a bluetooth speaker or two lying around. And all of them just sit there blaring out loud music. Very normal. Very boring. If you are hunting for a really cool bluetooth speaker, Om Audio has designed this really cool bluetooth speaker-Om/One, that actually defies gravity and levitates in the air.


Meet Ray – The self driving robot valet

Ray - the self driving robot valet

The future where we can wave all our parking woes goodbye seems to be not far off. Dusseldorf Airport in Germany already has made a headway on this sweet piece of tech. Late last month, the airport began using Ray – a self driving forklift to deliver cars to and from the appropriate parking space. The idea behind Ray is save time spent in finding an appropriate parking space for your vehicle. This robot can even navigate the car into tight spaces.

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