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Bangalore Diaries – Sparklin

Microsoft accelerator in Bangalore

Sparklin made its annual pilgrimage to startup capital of India “Bangalore” with the entire team onboard. What followed were days of learning, fun and action. Here is our pick of the top three highlights from the adventure.


Sparklin 101

Sparklin 101

Sparklin is a multi-city, independent, creative family where we combine our passion for design + brand + technology to create functional experiences. You would have experienced a bit of Sparklin in apps, brand identities, websites and infographics around you.


Creative job notification – Pixel Jobs (beta)

Creative job notification - Pixel Jobs

On 29th Feb 2012, we began a small experiment via Facebook group simply titled “Pixel Jobs”. The idea was simple, to create a group where job providers looking for talent in any field ranging from music composition to professional gamers can find what they are looking for.

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