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Wallpapers for Jan – New Year 2012

Wallpapers for Jan - New Year 2012

The year 2012 has a lot of hype building around it. Various ideas are floating around calling it the end of the world. The 2012 Apocalypse is predicted by an intersection of Religions, Science, and Prophesies. One of these wallpaper designs, is a satire on the whole situation.


Pixel Wallpapers for December

Pixel Wallpapers for December

It’s Christmas time – the time which spells snowflakes, santa caps, snowmen and more (excluding the summers of Australia). Why should your desktop not sport the same celebration and charm?


Don’t judge a movie by its trailer. But judge a society by its pop-culture.

Don't judge a movie by its trailer

Producers have found an easy way out. Load the trailer with all the cool stuff. The jokes, the stunts, the dialogues, the actors, the songs. Don’t leave out any cool stuff. If we can’t shove it in the trailer, then leak it on the web and blame a pirate. People will think there’s so much more in the film.


Pixel wallpapers – 02

Pixel Wallpaper 02

We are here and so is November! It will be the first and only time in decades to come and gone by that we will witness a date as cool as 11.11.11. Latch on to our super cool November Wallpaper and Calendar.


Festive giveaway via DeskAway

Festive giveaway by Deskaway

Pixelonomics is all about function over form. And we couldn’t have found a better way to give some love back to our readers this year. We bring to you a small token of our love, this festive season, in the form of a giveaway, via our fellows at Deskaway.


Diwali Wallpapers – 02

Diwali Wallpapers 02

Continuing our efforts to decorate your desktops, we bring to you Diwali Wallpapers, inspired from the Diwali Infographic that was designed last year by Sparklin.

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