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Leg hair font kicks comic sans’ ass

Leg hair font by Japanese student, Mayuko Kanazawa, kicks comic sans' ass

Having been a design student and gone through numerous typographic exercises, I am confident of telling you that the Leg Hair Font is unique! My fellow designers have reacted rather vividly, comments ranging from ‘disgusting’ to ‘innovative’. What is the leg hair font?


Brandstack shuts shop

Brandstack shuts shop

With more than three years in the business, Brandstack has shut shop! And there are zillions of reasons doing the rounds on the internet, responsible for the same.


Le Chal – Shoe for visually impaired

Shoe for the visually impaired - Le Chal

Won’t it be brilliant if visually impaired had a better help to walk with, than a white cane for themselves? That is when an Information Technology Engineer, from Rajasthan Technical University, Anirudh Sharma, comes into picture. He has developed a system known as “Le Chal”, which translated in Hindi to “Take Along”. The system helps the visually impaired to walk, without the use of any stick and even alerts them of any potholes in the way.


Design is not just an option

Design is not just an option

Either there is design, or chaos. As humans we don’t like chaos, unless bringing form and design out of chaos is your task. Yet we see so many startups putting design in the “do it later when we can afford it!” list. So can your startup afford to lose and/or piss off users? Or better, can your startup afford to confuse users?


30 Logo redesigns of 2010

30 Logo Redesigns of 2010

As the year 2010 comes to a close and everyone starts to wind up the record books and schedules preparing for the fresh diaries of the year to come, we present to you 30 of the brands that got themselves a fresh look in this year.


Airtel has a new Logo. Heart it?

Airtel new logo

Bharti Airtel, world’s fifth largest telecommunication company and India’s largest mobile service provider, launched its new brand (logo) on 18th November, 2010, marking the company’s 200 million customer milestone. It is backed by a re-branding exercise costing about Rs. 350 crores. The company has also launched a new tagline, “Dil jo chahe, pass laye” and signature tune by A.R. Rehman.

Just to let you know, Airtel is present in every nook and corner of India, distributed in every possible media, from a simple leaflet to a multi-crore television advertisement. And after its $9-billion acquisition of an African telecom, the presence expanded to 19 countries across Asia and Africa.

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