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The best games of E3 2014 – Ori & The Blind Forest, Inside, Abzu


The biggest gaming conference of the year – E3, has come and gone. Being a hard-core gamer myself, that week was very overwhelming because this E3 teased the most amazing games that will be available in the future. Among them, Ori & the Blind Forest, Inside and Abzu are the ones I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on.


Nescafe invents the perfect ice-breaker!


Nescafe has has taken conversation over a cup of coffee to a new stream by launching a superb advertising campaign – Pop-up Café. By placing two folding cups inside the newspaper, Nescafe was able to liven up the mundane activity of reading a newspaper.


Furniture wonders for futuristic homes


Modern design is moving forward at a fast pace and staying ahead of the trend is a challenging task. These artistically warped furniture pieces are offering homeowners the chance to design their homes with the latest and most abstract furnishings. Check them out..


Superman: Then and Now

Superman : Man of Steel

Superman, the epitome of what a superhero stands for. Tough, invincible, incredibly handsome, has a cringe inducing alter ego, an incredibly dumb love interest, shoots red beams from his eyes that can melt a million galaxies in an instant, I presume. Superman came into this world through the first issue of action comics, an issue which also led to the introduction of Lois Lane. He has not looked back since then. His costume designers on the other hand have looked back quite often, for good reason!


Meet the Godfathers of Pixel Art – eBoy

eBoy creation - India in 8bits

Undisputed sovereigns of pixel art, eBoy was started by a trio of artists in Berlin in the mid 90s. They have spent the last 2 decades honing their craft, one pixel at a time. Everything they create is governed by the same 8-bit style, a medium whose aesthetic arose from the video game culture prevalent in those times. The result is the creation of a sophisticated, complex and fun looking 3D world.

2014 – behind the scenes

What the Amazon warehouse looks like

Amazon is notoriously famous for carrying out its business operations in complete secrecy. Most of its earning calls are devoid of any actual numbers. i.e. number of units sold for its kindle line of tablets. So it came as a complete surprise when the Jeff Bezos led company gave WIRED a tour of one of its warehouses in Phoenix. The warehouses, termed ‘fulfillment center’ by Amazon are scattered all over the world, with more than 90 fulfillment centers currently operating on a daily basis. Amazon’s relation with its third party vendors is kept far from the spotlight, also owing to the company’s non disclosure nature

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