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100+ Free – a trivia app that tests your graphic knowledge

DESIGNerd 100+

A game made by a designer, for the designers, 100+ free is a quiz app that’ll put your design knowledge to the test. In the trivia app, Users answer multiple choice questions about various design related topics such as typography, branding, design studios, publishing and design history.


No Man’s Sky – exploring the horizon

No Man's Sky - Explore the Horizon

Every gamer knows and understands the limits and barriers of game worlds. Imagine all the barriers being removed, that there are no missions and quests that guide you and yet limit you. That’s akin to having true freedom in the game world – doing what you want, exploring the unexplored, going beyond that horizon, fail, succeed, learn. It’s this idea that makes No Man’s Sky such a mindbogglingly awesome concept.


Marimekko takes a bold step towards fashion

Everyday is a fashion show

“Every day is a fashion show!” – the brand Marimekko has taken these words quite seriously these days. From being the master in housewares now the brand takes a bold step and has entered the glamorous Fashion arena maybe (with what can be called) as a Bang!


Runpee – Perfect your pee breaks!


The worst part for a movie goer is the high ticket prices. The trouble begins when you drink too much of that Diet Coke. The sound of waterfalls and rivers in the background are making things difficult, but you can’t miss any part of the movie, so you stay put. Unless, you have downloaded the Runpee app on your smart-phone.


The best games of E3 2014 – Ori & The Blind Forest, Inside, Abzu


The biggest gaming conference of the year – E3, has come and gone. Being a hard-core gamer myself, that week was very overwhelming because this E3 teased the most amazing games that will be available in the future. Among them, Ori & the Blind Forest, Inside and Abzu are the ones I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on.


Nescafe invents the perfect ice-breaker!


Nescafe has has taken conversation over a cup of coffee to a new stream by launching a superb advertising campaign – Pop-up Café. By placing two folding cups inside the newspaper, Nescafe was able to liven up the mundane activity of reading a newspaper.

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