Drop that Carl, Zeiss it is

Drop that Carl, Zeiss it is

Drop that Carl, Zeiss it is

Renowned and esteemed optics system manufacturer Carl Zeiss has announced the way it will communicate the Brand moving forward. Formerly known as Carl Zeiss AG, the brand will now use ZEISS, only.

This was done to tread towards a consistent Brand Image across the gamut of products they work with. This new Brand communication comes with new Touit Lenses. Now the label would shout out loud as “ZEISS.”

Carl Zeiss isn’t only restricted to realm of photo-optics. The scope of its products ranges from microscopy, metrology, planetariums and even semiconductor manufacturing. The 164 year old company which went through quite a turmoil initially, is re-telling  its story through its change of communication (here’s how).

Having said that, Carl Zeiss has been using Zeiss for quite a long period but the consistency was still amiss. Infact the last time CARL was used in Zeiss logo was in 1971.

Zeiss since 1971

Zeiss since 1971

Sometime between 2011 and 2012, the senior management at Zeiss, introspected the Brand Identity and positioning of Zeiss as a brand. The lenses were often nicknamed as just Zeiss, reflecting the intimacy that customers shared with the Brand (some even nicknamed it). The revelation of the investigation motivated the senior management to develop a consensus on ZEISS only.

The existing products will retain the current branding, avoiding confusion. Though it is still unclear as whether the new branding will apply to third parties who license the Carl Zeiss name and technology.

Carl Zeiss isn’t the only company that has truncated its initial name; Eastman Kodak and Asahi Pentax are few examples of companies that have gone down the same path before.

Nokia EOS leak bears a Zeiss name

Nokia EOS leak bears a Zeiss name

Adding more credibility to the news, the new Nokia EOS (or Elvis, or Lumia 1020, or Nokia ZOOM, we don’t know, really) leak bears a Zeiss name on the 41- megapixel phone and we are excited about it. How about you?

Image Credit: weibo.com

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