Would you buy a holographic Iphone?

Would you buy a holographic Iphone?

Would you buy a holographic Iphone?

It’s that time of the year again when various tech blogs and gossip websites start spewing out concepts for the next iphone at a dizzying pace. Apple, previously regarded as the crown prince of air tight supply chain management, is leaking more information regarding their future products than they would like to admit. It’s hardly been six months since the current Iphone was liberated upon this unassuming world and rumors about the aesthetics and specifications of the yet to be announced Iphone are already severely clogging the pipelines of the entire interwebs.

Most of you may have heard of a little patent filing made by Apple recently. For the unaware, the patent was for a new type of 3D display system. According to a USPTO filing from Apr. 24, Apple’s “interactive three-dimensional display system” would allow users to interact with 3D images that are formed in mid-air from a device’s display.

This has resulted in a flood of simply astonishing design concepts throughout the internet. Various graphic designers too have given their unique perspectives by churning out mouth watering concepts of their own.

This comes directly in line with one of the most prominent and consistent Iphone rumors doing the rounds, larger Iphones with 4.7 and 5.7 inch displays.

Solely based on rumors, Apple is expected to release the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 around September of 2014, while the 5.5-inch version might not be available until the very end of the year or early 2015.

The patent states that the technology would use infrared lasers to create interactive 3D objects. A special mirror assembly, fully integrated inside the iphone, will track a user’s movements, and will be able to recognize gestures like pinching, sliding and dragging.

Just the thought of developers using this technology to create mind-bendingly amazing apps is enough incentive for me to wait for the next Iphone. This all is entirely presuming that Apple actually does some work around the patent which is not entirely a rare occurrence.

On January 25, 2011 Apple was granted the patent for something dubbed as the “Magic glove system”. This patent never saw the light of the day similar to many other patents made by Apple and other tech giants. Filing for a patent and then not working on it is generally used as a defense mechanism by many tech giants. It restricts the competition from working on the same technology and enables the patent holder to start work on it comfortably.

But whatever happens, even if this patent does turn out to be complete vaporware, its hard not to get excited about it. What are your thoughts about this? Are you excited about the next Iphone? Or you’re simply tired by all the relentless Apple coverage? Or you simply find Android better? Or Windows Phone for that matter (Pass me that s**t you’re smoking bro)? I would love to hear your thoughts about this.



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