Bespoke – A fashionable savior for scoliosis patients!

The wonderfully stylish Bespoke back-brace

The wonderfully stylish Bespoke back-brace

Feeling fresh on a Monday is hard and writing an article is even harder. But what makes you going is a cup of coffee and light music. While I was trying to kill my Monday Morning Blues, I came across Bespoke – a new fashionable back brace getting launched for kids and teens suffering from Scoliosis. And immediately my right-side brain said to the left, let’s write about this!

Kids everywhere, suffering from Scoliosis feel a certain aversion to wearing back braces. They feel it kills their normal lifestyle and moreover,its not stylish. To end this problem and to cut down the non-fashionable stigma, 3D systems in association with a few medical doctors, is displaying a new 3-D printed back brace. Comfortable and more in-fashion, this back brace proved to be a hit in the target market survey done by the makers. When the makers surveyed a bunch of kids, they got a good and interactive response where the kids were flaunting this back brace proudly. But, they are still not sure how the teens will react to the same.

What is so special about this back brace that the patients suffering from Scoliosis would prefer wearing them when they have already rejected a dozen others of the same kind? Well, as per the brains behind this back brace, Bespoke is more trend-setting than other back braces. The brace can be custom made as per body type of the patients, this back brace is still more convenient to wear and at the same time, it is stylish and elegant.

After running a pilot program with the brace at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, the makers are now ready to launch the same to the general population. Hopes are high that, even the teens, like the kids, will love the idea of wearing these designer back braces. This initiative is designed to remove the animosity towards wearing back braces by kids and teens.

Such innovations are a light and a hope to avoid serious back issues and injuries in future. Hopefully, this will becomes a hit, and we will soon see this in the Indian Market too!

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