Be Stylish when You Surf the Internet

Be Stylish when You Surf the Internet

Be Stylish when You Surf the Internet

I often feel too lazy to get out of my regular sweatpants and t-shirt. And it’s even more hard to move when you are surfing the web in them. We get so attached to the two that nothing else feels equally admirable and comfortable.

With this vision in mind, Artist Cory Arcangel has designed a new range of wearables which we can wear while surfing the web. These are trendy and stylish yet cosy and easy. What else do we web surfers want? Right! In partnership with Tom Bennett, the CEO of the global music merchandising company Bravado, the Arcangel designs have come alive.

“I hadn’t really seen much out in the marketplace that was brand-centered around that kind of thing, and it’s what I spend a lot of my time doing,” Arcangel informs Fast Co. Design. As per Fast Co. Design, Arcangel also says, “It just seemed to make the most sense to me, to design a clothing line for something that I was the most familiar with in terms of lifestyle.”

These designs made a debut with the artist on May 17, 2014 and also showcased on an ecommerce site on the same date. Prices for items start from $39.95 to goes upto $495.95 and the website calls Arcangel Surfware as “everything one needs to ‘chill’ in bed all day and surf the Internet in comfort“.

Arcangel worked with Bravad to design a range sweatshirts, sweat pants, bed sheets, and iPad and iPhone covers. These products are unique in themselves because they are really thick and really fluffy. The logo of the brand consists of a yin yang symbol over a rainbow gradient surrounded by the words ‘Arcangel Surfware’ and an emoticon of a winking smiley and a computer. It is inspired by the series of works he has been doing over the years called Photoshop Gradient Demonstrations. Quite vibrant, I must say!

Arcangel believes that work should be done in ease and comfort and hence he holds great courage and trust on his new innovation and designs. So, what are you all waiting for Web surfers? I am surely gonna buy this range of clothing to sit at ease while I do my facebooking and twitter! What about you?

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