The battle for top spot: Samsung vs. Apple

The battle for top spot: Samsung vs. Apple

The battle for top spot: Samsung vs. Apple

There is a war going between Apple and Samsung since the last few years. Now, this war, due to the nature of the times we live in, is fought on more than one front. You might be one to instinctively assume that the sheer volume of Smartphone Sales will be the sole source of victory or defeat in this battle. You are wrong Mr.! And that’s something to say when they together accounted for 470 million smartphones shipped last year.

If you’ve not switched off your Computer permanently since 2009 and moved to North Korea (its a beautiful place, I’ve heard) you might have known a very small, whimper of a court battle being fought between Apple and Samsung. A court dispute in which the jury ordered Samsung to pay 1.049 billion dollars in damages to Apple, a court dispute which has its own wikipedia page I’m using to cite statistics (modern journalism at its finest!).

Samsung vs. Apple

Since August 2011, Apple and Samsung were sparring on 19 cases in nine countries, in a few months the legal disputes bloated to ten countries. By July 2012, the two companies were going at it in more than 50 lawsuits around the world, with billions of dollars in damages awarded to both of them.

This was just the legal disputes, now you have to really hate each other if you get to use just as an adverb before legal disputes. Both the companies having marketing budgets enough to buy Uganda, twice. Samsung has spent $770 million in haggling its phones over the last two years and the strategy seems to be working as they’ve seen a 32 % year over year increase in revenue. That’s frankly an astonishing figure in a market that has oversaturated quite a while ago.

Marketing Spend

Apple, a company which is relatively conservative when it comes to marketing budgets, blew the lid off its cash hoard to compete against Samsung in 2013, spending a whopping 350.9 million dollars to match Samsung’s even more outrageous 364.03 millions dollars.

According to the latest data, released last month, Apple is leading in the US (42% share), with Samsung ahead in the UK (58% share) and, indeed, most other markets.

Samsung and Apple have singlehandedly made other former tech giants like Microsoft and Blackberry seem like smalltime rookies in the market, content with vying for the third spot. The question remains, amidst the battles being fought, in and out of courts, who according to you, will dominate the smartphone market in 2014, Apple or Samsung (or Karbonn)?

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    The battle for top spot: Samsung vs. Apple
    Read the article. But don’t know how that goes with the title.

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