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Microsoft accelerator in Bangalore

Microsoft accelerator in Bangalore

There are various reasons why people love to travel. For some it is the love of the food, others the joy of seeing new places yet for others the whole concept of meeting interesting people is rewarding enough that it justifies the action of travelling across the length of the country.

Sparklin made its annual pilgrimage to startup capital of India “Bangalore” with the entire team onboard. What followed were days of learning, fun and action. Here is our pick of the top three highlights from the adventure.

1. Sports Enthusiasts

What do cricket fanatics travelling to Bangalore during the launch of the new IPL season do? They take one of the closest possible hotel to the Chinnaswamy Stadium and during the home matches enjoy the action from the comfort of the room. Six!

If rooms are close to cricket stadiums, then the outdoors have to be adventure sports. Day long indulgence in activities ranging from rock climbing to zorbing. Enough adrenaline for some great work.

Rock Climbing and Zorbing

Rock Climbing and Zorbing

2. The trip to the Microsoft Accelerator

We met Mukund Mohan during “Reverse Pitch” in Delhi and seeing his passion and love for startups it was obvious that we had to meet the man in Bangalore.

One email, two phone calls and four tweets later we were at the Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore. And we must lay emphasis on just how much we loved the energy in the space.

We knew a few startups by virtue of our association with the blogging and the design community but hearing stories and seeing the remaining batch in action was altogether a different ball game.


3. The Bangalorean Attitude

The Bangalorean attitude, a type of human behaviour where people who are genetically tech savvy get around to build products only for the love it and leave the distractions like the sale and marketing behind.

The attitude was contagious and we are happy to say that some of that did rub off onto us. Expect more of “new & improved” products from Sparklin build just for the love of them.


“The Train Journey”

Unfortunately sending people to jail for no reason is not allowed. So we did the next best alternative, packed the entire team on a marathon 40 hours journey from Bangalore to Delhi.

Want to check compatibility between team members in a startup? Check.

Want to see how techies fare without internet connection? Check.

Want real conversations to happen? Check.

And we are happy to say all of us enjoyed the journey as a team and in the process just got to know each other a little better. What are we doing after reaching Delhi? Getting things into action and obviously drawing up battle plans for our next journey altogether :D

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