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Leica X3 conceived by Swedish designer Vincent Sall

Leica X3 conceived by Swedish designer Vincent Sall

By now your mind must have started speculating as to what this piece of art does. It is neither an mp3 player nor the latest Apple reveal.

It is a camera! One with the qualities of a DSLR, sleekness of a smartphone and a radical design, worthy of being featured in the movie Star Trek. This is the Leica X3, as conceived by Swedish designer Vincent Sall, combining the best of both worlds. Just to clarify, this is not a Leica-Sall collaboration.

Leica X3 is a camera!

Leica X3 is a camera!

Sall inspired by Leica’s iconic designs decided to design something worthy of an optics company known for its craftsmanship in cameras, with prices going up-to $25000; while offering something relevant with the modern day needs of photographers – the ability to share photos via Bluetooth.

With glistening looks that awe and the functionality of a DSLR camera, this conceptual design bonds the gap between the already existing DSLR professionals and the ‘Insta-like photograph fanatics’. Where you are either on two ends, one where you own a camera which gives you ‘great quality’ pictures or you have a phone with instagram to exhibit your true photography skills via composition. There is a missing link where one can’t really do both things.

Keeping these shortcomings in mind, this is a double-play from Sall – combining great picture quality and sharing feasibility via Bluetooth in a beautifully thought out package. Maybe something like this will burn a huge hole in your wallet but this would make heads turn at such a rapid rate that it might come with a health warning.

Leica X3 features

Leica X3 features

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