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How Dixon uses twitter to augment his memory after traumatic head injury

Thomas Dixon

For Thomas Dixon, incessantly checking his smartphone isn’t an obsessive compulsive need like it is for the rest of us. Twitter is his memory. Without his twitter feed Dixon wouldn’t be able to remember what he did yesterday. “I’m always aware of what I’m talking about and who I’m with in the moment,” says Dixon “I just don’t know what happened yesterday or the day before. My declarative episodic memory is shot.”


Undress – Letting you change your clothes in public..Discreetly


Dennis Caco and April Estrada have invented a mobile changing room that will make changing rooms obsolete. The hurried, haphazard change (before someone walks in on you) into clean clothes after a gym session will be thing of the past. With the outfit they invented – Undress – you can change in the lift of your office or in the middle of a beach, anywhere you want without the fear of exposing what you don’t want exposed to public.


Nescafe India continues their awesomeness beyond the ad

Rishi - the protagonist in the new Nescafe ad

With the new Nescafe ad featuring Rishi going super viral, it wouldn’t be wise to stop the campaign here would it? Nescafe feels so too, and they have an awesome new idea to keep riding the viral wave.


How Zip Phone – a one man startup- got into Y Combinator

Zip Phone - How it got into Y Combinator

Even though there are hundreds of articles on what a startup should do to gain entry into the prestigious Y Combinator, Anuj- founder of Zip Phone reveals the secret to getting into the YC.


Nutella Maniacs – Start stocking up!

Nutella Lovers! Start stocking up!!

Nutella Lovers – brace yourselves, there’s bad news coming your way. It seems the supply of hazelnuts – the main ingredient in Nutella, might be running out all across the world. At the rate people are consuming Nutella, soon, there might be no hazelnuts anymore to make this lip smacking, spoon licking sugary spread


Priya Kuriyan sketches an Ode to Awesome Delhi

Delhi typecast characters

“For someone who likes watching people, Delhi is like a gold mine,” writes Priya Kuriyan, an illustrator in New Delhi. “A lot of these characters can seem abrasive at first, but there’s also something endearing about them.” Priya Kuriyan has been immortalizing some of the endearing Delhi characters through her mind blowing illustrations.

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