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Quick thoughts on OLX web and mobile

Quick thoughts on OLX web and mobile

When we think of OLX, it reminds me of the fact that you could put anything on the website. As they call it, free classifieds and if they’re luring enough, they would be sold in minutes. In fact the process is very simple. OLX doesn’t even need you to login or be a me member of the service to post anything.


How could developers leverage the design opportunity in iOS 7?

Instagram reimagined for iOS 7

iOS Developers invest a huge amount of time in making their apps competitive in terms of design and functionality these days. We all know that functionality alone doesn’t sell at App Store. It needs to have a brilliant design to appeal to the users.


iOS 7 Beta is being installed on more devices compared to iOS 6

iOS 7 beta vs iOS 6

A lot of people might be criticizing about the choice of colours and fonts Apple has picked for the iOS 7. But according to a report from mobile publishing company called Onswipe, adoption of iOS 7’s install have been ramping up faster than even previous betas.


Font transformation in iOS 7 Beta – from light to regular

Font transformation in iOS 7 Beta

When Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 2 to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad many people were disappointed with the fact that Apple still decided to stick on with Helvetica Light font. We even read a lot of criticism on Twitter where people blatantly ranted about the limitations it would cause once iOS 7 goes public.


First Impression of iOS 7 on iPad

iOS7 on iPad

We have written about mutation in the iOS 7 design language from the earlier versions and although the software isn’t final yet, we had the chance to try it out on first day of the release. The iOS 7 for iPad, undoubtedly feels unfinished; even from the early look of how the icons has been designed.


Is the latest iOS headed in the right direction?

Latest iOS by Apple

When Jonathan Ive unveiled the latest iOS and Mac OS X software, it was expected to be a massive leap in terms of design for everyone. I was fairly excited since no one had any idea about what it could look like.

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