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Design is not just an option

Design is not just an option

Either there is design, or chaos. As humans we don’t like chaos, unless bringing form and design out of chaos is your task. Yet we see so many startups putting design in the “do it later when we can afford it!” list. So can your startup afford to lose and/or piss off users? Or better, can your startup afford to confuse users?


Design candies are not for me

Design Candies are not for me

Damn those designers who make their designs pretty and wow. Why the hell do you keep adding another beautiful element? Why do you beautify them so much? Why do you make them pretty? So pretty that I forget what I was there for?

You guys are doing a great disservice to your clients – their users are lost in your ‘pretty’ design. You are doing a great disfavor to yourself and designers by calling yourself ‘designers’.

Design is not web 2.0. It’s not beautiful or ugly. It’s not any of that. Design is Solving Problem of Effective Communication


5 Point Web-Design Treasure Map for Startups

5 point web design treasure map for startups

Web-startups are here and more are coming. And these number of options are increasing, your packaging (in this case your website) becomes really important. It is sad to see web-startups ignoring their websites and trying to do-away with free themes and such.

It’s like a shop-keeper not bothering about cleaning, organizing or even making a shop. This is not just for web-startups, any startup with a website must pay attention. If your website sucks, you suck too. I know money is hard for startup but it’s worth investing in a remarkable website. And websites are as good as they are usable – beauty has no place.

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