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100+ Free – a trivia app that tests your graphic knowledge

DESIGNerd 100+

A game made by a designer, for the designers, 100+ free is a quiz app that’ll put your design knowledge to the test. In the trivia app, Users answer multiple choice questions about various design related topics such as typography, branding, design studios, publishing and design history.


Super Yachts – Jet-setting around the world


Yacht shows happen all round the year and some of the concepts released by enthusiasts and designers are truly inspiring and beautiful. Most of these models might not even make it to the markets, but they are nevertheless amazing to look at.


Runpee – Perfect your pee breaks!


The worst part for a movie goer is the high ticket prices. The trouble begins when you drink too much of that Diet Coke. The sound of waterfalls and rivers in the background are making things difficult, but you can’t miss any part of the movie, so you stay put. Unless, you have downloaded the Runpee app on your smart-phone.


Furniture wonders for futuristic homes


Modern design is moving forward at a fast pace and staying ahead of the trend is a challenging task. These artistically warped furniture pieces are offering homeowners the chance to design their homes with the latest and most abstract furnishings. Check them out..


A peek into the future of Architecture

Dragonfly by Vincent Vallebaut

Bold, environment friendly and innovative, the future of architecture will be all that and much more. From a dystopian styled building to an urban farm designed like a dragonfly’s wing, we look at some of the most innovative and crazy ideas in architecture that could actually become part of tomorrow’s homes.


5 Useful Apps for Designers – Layers, Palette, Design Duet, Adobe Ideas, MyPrice

5 Useful Apps for Designers - Layers, Palette, Design Duet, Adobe Ideas, MyPrice

The advent of smart-phones resulted in the rise of a tongue-in-cheek saying: “There’s an app for that”. As a designer, there are times when I use these nifty applications for inspiration or to make my workflow smoother. Check out these useful apps for designers – Layers, Palette, Design Duet, Adobe Ideas, MyPrice. Some may be familiar but hopefully you’ll find something new to play around.

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