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How a tweet got Spirit Airlines fined for $50,000

Tweets got an airline fined for $50,000

‘What you see is what you get’. An age old adage that’s no longer valid, or may be it’s been rewritten by Social Media to ‘what one tweets is not what you get’. Reading between lines or asking ‘what’s the catch’ everytime you see anything tempting might turn out to be a good option. Spirit Airline, a Florida based airline reassures this point.


Justin Bieber’s 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons

Justin Bieber's 5 entrepreneurial lessons

Justin’s not lucky and he didn’t become an ‘overnight celebrity’ by fluke. I’m myself guilty of putting him in that category, till I came across his movie recently. These are some entrepreneurial lessons that can be learnt from him.


He created the dent – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - 1955-2011

To call him the ‘Father of Modern Day Technology’ would be no exaggeration. His passion, determination, perseverance, stubbornness, belief and courage, made him a visionary, a leader, a game-changer. His dream to change the world has been achieved by many folds.

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