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Superman: Then and Now

Superman : Man of Steel

Superman, the epitome of what a superhero stands for. Tough, invincible, incredibly handsome, has a cringe inducing alter ego, an incredibly dumb love interest, shoots red beams from his eyes that can melt a million galaxies in an instant, I presume. Superman came into this world through the first issue of action comics, an issue which also led to the introduction of Lois Lane. He has not looked back since then. His costume designers on the other hand have looked back quite often, for good reason!


4 Most Important things announced at Google I/O

4 important announcements at Google I/O 2014

Every year, usually around the same time Google introduces new products and services and also provides updates to the existing in an event called Google I/O. Heard of Android? Here is a list of the 4 most important announcements made by Google – Android one, Smart Watches, Android L and an unified design language called “Material Design”.


Bow Down to your Android Overlords

Will you adopt this cute little thing?

In a fun yet borderline world is about to end sort of news, the world’s first android newscasters were shown off in Japan at the Android: What is a Human? exhibition in Tokyo. Japan’s obsession with replacing humans is not a new concept, they presented the world with the ASIMO humanoid back in 2005. The android newscasters shown off in the exhibition are frighteningly lifelike and can interact with humans, read the news, tell a joke and basically replace a homo sapiens.


Google and it’s burgeoning ‘Nest’ – bought Dropcam for $555 million

Google and it’s burgeoning ‘Nest’ - bought Dropcam for $555 million

Dropcam, the popular home monitoring solutions provider is to be acquired by Nest, producer of smoke detectors and smart thermostats. It will be netting a cool $555 million in cash in the process. Dropcam’s origin story is quite bewildering in itself. It was founded in 2009 after CEO Greg Duffy wanted to come up with a way to see who was letting their dog poop on his father’s yard.

2014 – behind the scenes

What the Amazon warehouse looks like

Amazon is notoriously famous for carrying out its business operations in complete secrecy. Most of its earning calls are devoid of any actual numbers. i.e. number of units sold for its kindle line of tablets. So it came as a complete surprise when the Jeff Bezos led company gave WIRED a tour of one of its warehouses in Phoenix. The warehouses, termed ‘fulfillment center’ by Amazon are scattered all over the world, with more than 90 fulfillment centers currently operating on a daily basis. Amazon’s relation with its third party vendors is kept far from the spotlight, also owing to the company’s non disclosure nature


A bike-helmet that knows what you think – MindReader

MindReader - Protect your head the stress free way

The MindReader helmet tracks your movements, looks at your route and creates a map, presenting you the locations where you ran into high stress situations while riding and other locations where you were more relaxed. The basic functionality is to process all these maps and use the data to create better city bike routes and paths. It also gives you a better idea of which parts of your route you should avoid and provide you with alternative routes where there is a scarcity of congestion and other stress inducing factors.

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