Apple iPhone 4S TV ad

Apple iPhone 4S TV ad

Apple iPhone 4S TV ad

The first TV ad of Apple iPhone 4S aired today and it’s not a joke! As we all know by now, the latest outing from Steve Jobs’ company, iPhone 4S is out for everyone, the television commercials for the same have begun too. If you’ve haven’t had a look at it yet, you must check it below.

What’s it about?

Well, the hook of the ad is “What can I help you with?”, a question iPhone 4S, probably wishes to ask us all. It is followed by flashes of different people having various queries. It’s only in the end that a common method of finding solutions to such queries, is revealed – Siri.


One thing which really catches your attention as a viewer is the beginning of and active vocal interaction between the user and the phone. Also, it seems a deliberate attempt to show half faces of most of the users. Two of the reasons for this could be, more visual focus on the device i.e. iPhone 4S and an underlined message that a service as revolutionary as Siri, is available to one and all.

But does the ad really work for someone who is not aware of Siri, already? May be not.

Chances are that after a good few seconds of curiosity, a viewer might be left confused about the message of this ad. A key thing to note is that ‘Siri’ as a terminology, doesn’t have a mention in the ad at all.

Again, it could be a deliberate move and it goes in sync with the idea of regular apple commercials too.

View the iPhone 4S TV ad here:

Update: We found a user-created video which seems to serve as a better ad for iPhone 4S and Siri. Have a look:

Thanks to @tyagi_gaurav for the heads up on this.

Does this iPhone ad work for you?

Could it have been better? We’d love to your thoughts in the comments below.

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