A smart-phone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-FI, USB: Just in one Watch – Androidly

Androidly - A smart-phone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-FI, USB: just in one Watch

Androidly – A smart-phone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-FI, USB: just in one Watch

Android just got closer, from your pockets to getting as closer as to your wrist. Considering the amount of advancements in such a short span, possible prognosis can be done in the field of technology. While detail-obsessed tech companies are focusing on tiny features and are trying to sell them on their ease of usability, meet the guys from New Delhi who have taken up a paradigm shift.

Androidly is a beautifully designed android smartphone and watch, designed by the startup run by four younsters – Ankit Pradhan, Siddhant Vats, Pavneet Singh Puri, and Apurva Sukant.  It wonderfully integrates computers and smart technologies into our lives.

Powered with infinity

With 500,000 applications on Google Play Store and growing, most of which are free, Androidly is the next generation smartwatch. As the ecosystem of Android grows, Androidly has mammoth opportunity for the users.


With 2″ display and 2 buttons on both sides of the watch, the design is good to start-off. The 2 buttons on the left are for controlling the volume and on the right side, the top button is for Menu and the bottom button is the Back button and doubles up as the power button. The SIM and the MicroSD card go underneath the battery.

Look and feel is almost the same as that of a watch until you turn it on. The experience and usability is sure to turn some heads.

Combining a phone, GPS, camera and gamut of other smartphone like features, the watch does opens a Pandora box full of fascinating applications and usage situations.

  • Weight:                        160gm.
  • Dimensions:               6.4 x 4.2 x 1.4 cm
  • Operating System:    Android 2.2
  • Processor:                  416 MHz.
  • Memory:                      256 MB RAM.
  • Removable Storage: 8 GB SD included, Up to 16 GB SD.
  • Phone:                         2.5 GSM network, GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Wireless:                     Bluetooth 2.0, Wifi B/G.
  • Camera:                       2 Mega Pixel.
  • GPS:                             GPS with A-GPS.
  • Sensor:                        Accelerometer.
  • Screen:                        2″, Capacitive Touch Screen, 320 x 240
  • Battery:                        800mAh, 2 day stand-by.
  • Water Resistant

Developer friendly

Androidly is a developer friendly device. With full ADB support, custom apps can be installed via USB. Being compatible with the existing Android SDK, so you can put all your regular Android development experience to good use directly on the Androidly smartwatch.

Forget the Smartphone

You will be no less than a Superhero. Multitasking with almost nothing in your pocket and almost everything on your wrist. Gain some attention, flaunt it and satisfy yourself with some amazing features.

As a phone, you can call them directly with a tap on your wrist. Using inbuilt microphones and Bluetooth connectivity, you kick off your interesting conversations.

Size is small, but do not misunderstand this. With camera and GPS, you surely can go places and capture those amazing moments. Be it the internet or the USB ports, this tiny little thing can replace your smart-phone.

We’re proud of these young Delhites and look forward to owning this gadget real soon. Has it caught your fancy too?

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