Advertisements that double as usable furniture by IBM

IBM's functional furniture ads

IBM’s functional furniture ads

IBM may be following IDEO’s footsteps but it has certainly taken “forward thinking” from its software/hardware business to real life problem solutions. They say “God lies in Detail” and IBM’s detail-oriented idea was instrumental for city people.

IBM along with Ogilvy & Mather France created a campaign to communicate to forward-thinking citizens. It makes local leaders aware as to how they can make neighborhoods smarter with small and effective ideas. The company has rolled out ads across the city with People for smarter city projects turning their ad banners into useful furniture.

People for smarter city projects

People for smarter city projects

Solutions with tiny ideas

Solutions with tiny ideas

Small problems like finding a place to tie your shoe lace, eating your McDonalds burger when you can’t find a place to sit, can be solved with tiny ideas.

This is how you take the Brand’s core values, create an extension, reflect the essence of the Brand and in turn create value for people.

A risky approach from IBM for sure (considering going from IT based solution to Real city life solution). However, expertly executed by Ogilvy & Mather, keeping the core of the Brand IBM intact.

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