Adobe CS is no more – Take 5 on creative cloud


Creative Cloud Illustrator

Creative Cloud Illustrator

1. Too quick, maybe

While customers are still stuck to CS, Adobe is serving them a different dish all together, the Creative Cloud (CC).

Adobe says since its inception, CC has seen 500,000 subscriptions. They see a changing, responsive market and early adoption is one smart thing to embrace.

2. One big elephant

Working on two very different platforms was cumbersome for Adobe.

Leaving aside multiple platforms and gradually moving onto one big elephant, CC, will make it harder for Adobe to maintain. Maybe it will require intense focus, energy and resources but fighting on one front is better than fighting on multiple fronts.

3. Faster iteration

The cloud version will have better iterations at better turnaround times and at a much faster rate. This model makes sense considering the adoption time of the boxed software is much more.

4. Value Driven

Faster iterations and adoption will lead to better value for customers. They will pay for what they use, which is bang for the buck.

This will help Adobe in attaining valued place in the market with respect to new upcoming technologies and collaboration with different platforms.

5. Piracy up-selling

As quoted by Adobe’s product marketing Director, “This isn’t to reduce piracy, they know how to crack, and they will”.

So instead of wasting their effort on reducing piracy, they went the other way, with a much agile, quicker and sensible subscription based model. Making it affordable for everyone.


CC membership for individuals is Rs 2,700 a month based on annual membership

Existing customers who own CS3 (CS) to CS 5.5 can get their first year of CC at Rs 1,600 p.m. Promotional pricing for teams – Rs 2,885 p.m.

Bingo!! Two birds one stone and a burdgeoning customer base. For me, Kudos to Adobe!!

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