Adobe’s Creative Cloud in India

Adobe’s Creative Cloud in India

Adobe’s Creative Cloud in India

Adobe India invited us to the launch event for the creative suit of their cloud services in India simply called Creative Cloud. The software giant is synonymous with building tools that have become the goto choice for the designers all across the world. The Verge even wrote an awesome feature on the history of Photoshop. But I digress.

There seemed to be a conscious choice on Adobe’s part to have a limited audience which seemed to just tip over 20 including their own staff. The attendees included the cream of the Indian tech community and for once it felt great to be invited for being the “design guy” over the blogger in the past.

Creative Cloud is Adobe’s SaaS offering. To put in layman terms, it simply means that access to their CS6 suite tools with the cloud storage is available on subscription. The amount varies depending upon team or individual license and is currently being offered in US Dollars only.

The discussion soon veered towards piracy and the under-representation of Adobe products in educational institutes taking off from Himanshu’s comments on the same. Adobe openly admitted being aware of the challenges in those verticals and the launch of the Creative Cloud is one of the first steps to tackle those issues in India.

We feel that Adobe might be facing a bigger threat from startups than from the piracy and the lack of awareness about the products it currently attributes to. The startup community is finding the right pain points and building products to solve the problem of designers much faster. Though they might not be in direct competition with what Adobe offers but the there are certainly overlaps.

We can potentially expect that people would begin to dip their toes in the other Adobe products by the means of the subscription services bait. The idea of having designers who are the real end users of the product at the event made sense and the feedback would also be more appropriate. But Adobe still has a some way to go to before they ingrain themselves with the design community but event was still a start in the right direction.

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