Yes, the God is in the details but 

you don’t have to meet the maker… 

Why don’t we start with a marker? 


Learning is often an iterative process and over the years if I have discovered one thing, that is – with the right person to guide you, learning is always fun. Design can be daunting to some and to a few it is an adrenaline rush. Pixelonomics is all about design from production, consumption and the transfer of beautiful pixels but from a fresh perspective.

What started with an ‘I’ and a marker.. resulted in a blog, with a passion to share ideas, ideas that were fun, fresh, inspirational and enriching. Today the ‘I’ has transformed into a ‘we’, where we = designers, tech geeks, marketing professionals and wordsmiths  all brought together by a common love of using design to enrich our day to day experiences.  We believe that a little creativity combined with function always leads to a lot of smiles, the core principle behind design being to simplify and enrich the end user experience.

We are still learning and working on ways of how to improve and we welcome your contributions and suggestions.  Pixelonomics hopes to contribute in the rethink of using online publishing to bring like minded people together in one platform to make a difference. If you wish to be an inspirational difference, please contribute by submitting an article, our editors will get back to you on how best to take it forward.

Some of the keywords to help you define Pixelonomics: startups, design, life, web, infographics, tutorials, movies, events, photography, entrepreneurship.


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