A Smartwatch that runs on Gears – Kairos

A Smartwatch that runs on Gears - Kairos

A Smartwatch that runs on Gears – Kairos

By now everyone must have heard about Smartwatches. Most of you must already be planning to splurge their next salaries to buy the device to show it off to friends and be the talk of the town or whatever. And why wouldn’t they be? Smart watches offer so much in functionality – being able to check tweets, report missed-calls, texts – basically any notification that your cell phone receives, without having to actually take the phone out of your pocket. And yes, they even show the time!

On the other hand, I have always liked my watches with the mechanical movements. Why you ask? Because they don’t run on batteries that require charging every day and they are not as flimsy. The art, complexity and the brilliance that goes behind making these mechanical wrist watches is something that is and will be unparalleled. Even by Smartwatches.

Call me high maintenance but I have forever been the kind of guy who wants to relish the cake, not just have it. So here I am, desiring a smart watch but not being able to let go of my honest-to-God cool awesome Swiss watch. I could wear both, one on each wrist. But while I would be the talk of the town, it would be for completely wrong reasons – people would be calling me a loon.

That’s when I came across Kairos. It blends the awesome features of a smart watch with the beauty and quality of a Swiss chronograph. The soul of the Kairos watch is that of a mechanical watch, a discrete time piece that runs on either Japanese (sourced by Miyota – a Citizen subsidiary) or Swiss (Upgrade from SOPROD) automatic movement when there are no notifications. This means that the watch portion remains alive even if the smartwatch portion runs out of battery.

Kairos allows one to check tweets

Kairos allows one to check tweets

Kairos watch remains alive even if the smartwatch portion runs out of battery

Kairos watch remains alive even if the smartwatch portion runs out of battery

What’s amazing is what Kairos does when you receive a notification from your synchronized smartphone. The face of the watch turns 60% opaque – thanks the 0.1mm thin TOLED (Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode). The watch recharges via USB and thanks to the efficient screen, the smart portion of the watch will last for about 4-7 days. That’s 4 times longer than the life of Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch! The TOLED display is placed under a strong sapphire crystal that provides protection from bumps. It includes a touch sensitive layer for the basic smartwatch interactions.

The company says that the watch will not be available at gadget shops but at high end stores when it hits the market this December, suggesting that the watch-maker is aiming to be the Rolex of smart watches by targeting only the luxury segment. This means that the watch won’t come cheap. With the Swiss/Japanese mechanism that comes with OLED display and Bluetooth features (to allow the watch to connect with your phone) the steep price is expected. The watch is available online for $1199. However, for those brave enough to pre-order the watch is available at just $500. That’s for the Japanese mechanism variant with stainless steel body and leather straps. The Swiss mechanism variant will cost a lot more. The pre-order period for all variants is only till the end of June, so if you want one now I suggest you get cracking!

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